Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rejection, Aggravation, Desperation, Rejection, Consolation

So a lot has been happening recently and even though I tried to take some time out from writing this blog I cannot help myself but keep updating. I just don't want to forget anything or miss something that may be interesting plus I love writing about my adventures no matter how good or bad. So here comes the next update.

I didn't get into the university course to study English. It kinda blew my mind to get rejected when I am qualified to do it and tick all the boxes you think they would want from an applicant, but apparently not. It took a few days to get my head around it and have decided to apply for clearing in august and hopefully I will still get in.

As a result of being rejected I got aggravated because I really want to earn a living from writing and want ways to progress in this and university was going to be one of them. A lot of the aggravation came from the fact it is so hard to break into the writing world. I just want the book to fall into the right hands of someone who sees its potential and help me in my journey. I am doing a lot of work myself and I know in time I can move it forward to the point of giving me a living but it will take many years. This is why I decided to try something desperate but may pay off.

In a previous update, maybe one of the first, I made a comment that I don't really like how the agent system works because so many good works seem to pass many by. It makes me wonder how are these people qualified to be agents if they miss so many good works. Self publishing has become very big because of this and many authors turn to this and find degrees of success. So in my mind I cannot understand why the agents  don't help these people when they sent them their work.
This is why I stopped contacting agents and just took the marketing on myself. I know agents are helpful because they earn their motivation is from money they gain from a writer so would be motivated by this. They will have many contacts and be able to move a writers work forward at a quicker pace. There are other reasons they can be helpful and this is why, as a result of aggravation and wanting things to move forward at a quicker pace I emailed ten American agents.

So far three have already rejected my work and it is hard to stay thick skinned. Having said that it only fuels me more to prove these people wrong and put more effort into getting my book out there so people can read it and judge for themselves. All it takes is one so seven more to go.

Thanks to great friends and my motivation/obsession there are plans in motion to move my work forward and I can't wait for this exciting process to flower. I will update at some point in the future what these plans are and look forward to the doors this will open.

As always thanks for reading this and supporting me in my adventure. Also if you have read my book and haven't left a comment on the facebook page please feel free to do so. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

One Last Thing

For new readers who have come across this from papers feel free to read over the archives. I think you will find the story behind the story quite interesting. The links are on the right hand side for where to the find the books. Please take a look. As for now I'm taking a short break from my blog.