Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Diary of V. Frankenstein

It is nearly time to share The Diary of V. Frankenstein with the world! The official release date is May the 7th. Words cannot describe how excited I am to have this story available for people to read. What I have written below are some updates on the last six weeks. The blurb, front-cover, links to pre-order/buy the book, can be found at or at the link at the end of this blog post.

As an intro I guess I better quickly describe what type of story The Diary of V. Frankenstein is: it is an Alternate-Reality/Gothic-Horror/Steampunk/Sci-Fi novella with themes of feminism and equality. That’s the genres and themes, but for more into and the blurb follow the website link to

So, a couple of months ago the final edits began and there was lots of debate about the characters. This story has feminism and equality themes and without realising it my female characters weren’t as strong as they should have been. Once this was pointed out to me by the editors, and some other ideas discussed, my unintentional mistake was corrected. My mistake and the discussion following it birthed a really fun idea for this story. The idea was to have two versions of the story: one as it was originally written (with said character strengthening), and one with all the male characters as female, and female as male. I love the two versions and hope people love them too.

The Diary of V. Frankenstein now comes in many forms. There is the original story as a paperback and ebook, but we also have two limited edition hardback versions. Thirty hardbacks are the original version and thirty the gender swap version. The hardbacks also come with a cool bookmark, the ebook of the story, and art work by Snow Wulf (who can be found by that name via facebook and the name ChaosWinter on

And there you have it! The Diary of V. Frankenstein has life and it will be shown to the world on the 7th of May. It will be a busy day as this is when I’m showcasing the story at the event ‘Re-Imagining the Gothic: Monsters and Monstrosities’ in Sheffield, England, UK. My presentation is nearly ready, I have to print out some posters for my stall and I have some little Steampunk cosplay to make. I will write a blog update with how it all goes sometime in May.

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