Wednesday, 18 May 2022

2022 Part 2

2022 has been a busy year so far. I am still running the four nights a week social events like board games and dungeons and dragons. I’ve tried to take a bit of a step back from the Monday and Tuesday nights because I was doing too much. That said, in true me style I’ve started a Saturday board games day at Waterstones CafĂ© once every 5/6 weeks and most recently a writers group every Friday. Both are going well and fun to be a part of.

In writing news, I need to get better at marketing the Book of Prophecy. I have a few ideas to help for such, but need to put them into practice. The cover for The Heart of Nature has been revealed which was a good step forward. I’m currently waiting to see how the edit is going, and hear back about the read through of a standalone book. I have also submitted a novella for publication, so we’ll see if that is accepted for such.

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

2022 Update

It’s been nearly a year since my last post. The year has had many ups and downs, as I’m sure it has for most. One highlight was getting the board games night running again here in Gloucester. We now do four nights a week. It has been incredible to see people come together and make friends. The isolation of the lockdowns has been tough on many, and I think people realise even more how important it is to have connections with good people.

Book stuff is going well. The Book of Prophecy has had the new cover done and is able to be purchased. I’m excited to get promoting again. This year’s goal is to get The Heart of Nature released and maybe one other book. I’ve also been recording my stories on youtube so that option is there for people to listen to.

I’ve also got projects underway for artwork and looking forward to seeing how those go. I will try to keep this blog updated on what happens.

If you want to look at various ongoing projects this is my website-