Friday, 30 December 2011

Full Cirlce

Recently I turned twenty four and today I realised it has been a decade since my first job... yikes.
What made me realise this? Well today I felt like that young boy delivering newspapers. This was because I leafleted houses to try and introduce people to my book.

The adventure began with the idea of leafleting a month or two ago, and thanks to my parents buying me a printer I was able to make leaflets up to hopefully point people in the direction of my website.

The original plan for today was to hand out leaflets in Glasgow as I knew it would be busy, and it was. It was also raining a lot and once I started I realised this made it pointless to leaflet, as they got wet, and people were too busy getting to their next destination to get out the rain to take one.

I knew it was inefficient to stand there and decided to go home and leaflet houses. This I realised would be more productive for a few reasons.

I started leafleting houses and had the thought that this is exactly what I was doing ten years ago with my first job as a paper boy. I laughed to myself and  find it strange how things often come full circle. Another reason I thought of this circular idea was because the place I leafleted turned out to be a big circle, with houses on both sides of the street. This made it easy to leaflet.

It was a difficult day though as the weather had me soaked through in about half an hour and after 3 or so hours I had lost feeling in most of my body, but I am glad I have done what I did for many reasons (One being the character building such work provides and another the gratitude you feel for warmth).

I really hope people who got the leaflet take a look at the link to my website, and I really hope they like the story.

I look forward to doing more leafleting in the future and let's hope the weathers a bit better next time. For now it's time to enjoy some food and to be extra grateful for the shelter and warmth I am lucky to have.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Website and Marketing


So I have a website!!! :) It's simple but I'm so proud of it. It is and on there is the book in pdf and soon to be kindle file. It is a free download, but I have done this so there is no risk of having to pay money for something you may not enjoy. I have requested for people to be pay for it if they read the whole book and like it, this is a risk but it gives people choice, and I like that.


So now I have to spread the word that this exists and have a few ways of doing this so will give an update if they go well or not.


I'm just so excited to start promoting again and seeing what happens.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Another Rejection

Another Rejection

In all honesty I'm tired, so tired and exhausted. I'm trying so hard to make this work, but I just can't get the break I need. Below is the rejection from the agent I was in touch with, and I am so thankful for her time. She has given some advice and I will take it on board and see what I can do to improve my work, again. 
  There are other plans in motion. Some which will be implemented in the new year and obviously the new book I have started writing will give me more opportunities to show my work. I love how a couple of blogs ago I said I would start this new story in the new year, and well... I'm 20,000 words in to it. The plot is not as simple as I thought it was going to be but it's going to be a great story so I'm excited for when that is constructed. Yet it will be put on hold for now.
  Despite this I'm still pumped and excited for all I am doing and when the time comes this is all going to be worth it.

Email from agent.

Hi Steven,

I’m so sorry about the delay and especially given that this isn’t going to be one for me. You’ve a wonderful idea here but I wasn’t as gripped as I should be, which is an absolute must in this very difficult market. I think the book might benefit from a little more world-building and elements of curiosity to entice the reader in.

You’re a talented writer so I do hope another agent will want to take you on. I wish you every success and thank you again for giving me the chance to read your work, and for your patience.

With best wishes,

I replied and she sent the following back.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more use, or give more editorial feedback. It’s all very subjective and I think there’s every chance you’ll be snapped up. I do hope so.
With very best wishes,

I'm so grateful for her words but wish she could have helped move things forward for me. She has done what she felt was best so cannot fault her in anyway for that. As I have said before I am just so grateful to her for the chance. 

Ultimately there is so much work for me to do and an infinite amount of opportunities to succeed so this is only more experience to help me on my adventure.

Monday, 5 December 2011

An Agent Update

An Agent Update

I emailed Susan Armstrong on December the 1st to see if she had a chance to read more of my work. She emailed the next day and said she should be able to give me a response by the 12th.
I'm really excited to hear her views, and thankful for the time she is giving my work. I will update when I get her email and hopefully she wants to read more.