Saturday, 7 April 2012

New Ideas/Distraction/Rejection... Again.

New Ideas

After vowing to take a break I got bored a few weeks ago and came up with an idea for a trilogy. Yet it will not get written for many years but I'm thankful for the continued inspiration for more stories.


I spent a week or two constantly worry about how the latest book would do now it was sent away to an agent and it was very unhealthy. However a good distraction came a long and time has flown by.

Rejection... Again

So the agent Susan Armstrong said my ideas for the latest book were "fantastic" but my narrative and characterisation needed to be better. Therefore she felt she couldn't represent it.
I'm getting fed up of rejection. Mainly because I'm being told it's good, but not good enough. If I was told I was rubbish I'd give up. But if the ideas are "fantastic" then surely it's worth investing in. I know my writing isn't so bad that with a little bit of help it could be good enough.
Having said that I personally think it's good enough now, but only needs help with basic editing. I hate pointless narrative and feel the character information and development is adequate for the Young Adult audience. I'm not trying to write a technical master piece here. I just want to write a very interesting story with good characters and I feel this book does that, but what do I know?
I'm undecided what to do now.
Should I suck up my pride and try to give more narrative and character information and development?
Or should I stick to my guns and send this off to other agents and hope they don't feel the same as S.A?

I guess I'll decided at some point and update in the next post.