Sunday, 12 April 2015

Neglecting This Blog

I've been neglecting this blog due to the lack of news. Not much is going on with the book side of my life which is my own fault. The whole marketing side of this is very hard and I'm trying to find ways to get my book out there but it's proving very difficult. I do have a few ideas but need to put them into practice.
   My main focus has been my health related things and writing my other blog all about that. Writing this new blog has been fun as it's discussion points on Mental and Physical Health and related topics. With a lot of what I've experienced I feel it's beneficial to be writing about it all. I'm not sure how it will be beneficial but I'm doing post once a week for as long as I have things to write about.
   In regards to my stories, I've also struggled to start any new ones because I've finished all the ongoing projects that have overlapped over the years. I've finished the sequel to the Book of Prophecy and the publishers have that so fingers crossed they like it. I've also finished a couple of novella's and I'm giving away for free on my website. I could start another novella or the third book in the Chronicles of Elementary series but I don't think I have the energy at this point. I've worked so hard over the years and I feel I need to focus on other things or just the marketing. There's little point in continually writing if I don't actually do any marketing so I need to do better at that.
   So, that's really it at the moment but if any news does happen I'll update this blog, but for now things will probably continue to be quiet.