Friday, 16 September 2011

The Wait (round two)

There is nothing more I can do to improve my first book. FACT! and it is a satisfying and nerve racking thought. So much work has been done to make it better. I have re-written it to make it an easier read and I  have had two very talented friends read it and edit it. Many thanks to Cheryl White and Andy McDonald.

With all that done it is the best it can be and yesterday I sent it off to agents again and have to sit back and wait. For anyone that knows me I am not a patient person so this wait is actually the hardest part of the whole process (writing  the book is easy in comparison). Ultimately I just want an answer, whether yes or no, but waiting for that is a pain for me. However I do have plenty to keep me busy so hopefully the time will go by quickly. I just hope some agents like the changes and see what an awesome story it is and I will update as I receive word from them.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Passing By Time As It Passes Me By

I reflect on the month that has gone by and it feels like only a day has occurred. I always look on time as being measured because of variables and changes, which without there would be nothing to measure time against. The fact is plenty of things have changed in this month but it still feels like no time has passed at all (something that needs further reflection I think).

This month has been one that has required me to be patient as the edit of the first three chapters of the re-write is still ongoing by my friend and as much as I just want to get the agent hunt under way I have to learn that people work on different time scales than I do. I need to see that waiting this month and having it edited is better than sending it off a month ago and not having it edited. Many thanks to Anders for taking time out of his schedule to work on it.

To keep myself busy I have written some poetry, done some art work and continued typing up book two from the hand written copy I did back in 2010 (summer).

Despite time going by so fast the writing has taken a slower pace than I would like but I still love how a single moment can feel like forever, and forever can feel like a single moment. It is just best to let it all go and work hard at achieving the goal and then just enjoying life until things can move forward (Things will happen when they happen).

Who knows what the next month will bring but I will update when it feels right to do so.