Friday, 16 September 2011

The Wait (round two)

There is nothing more I can do to improve my first book. FACT! and it is a satisfying and nerve racking thought. So much work has been done to make it better. I have re-written it to make it an easier read and I  have had two very talented friends read it and edit it. Many thanks to Cheryl White and Andy McDonald.

With all that done it is the best it can be and yesterday I sent it off to agents again and have to sit back and wait. For anyone that knows me I am not a patient person so this wait is actually the hardest part of the whole process (writing  the book is easy in comparison). Ultimately I just want an answer, whether yes or no, but waiting for that is a pain for me. However I do have plenty to keep me busy so hopefully the time will go by quickly. I just hope some agents like the changes and see what an awesome story it is and I will update as I receive word from them.

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