Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Interview With Sheffield Uni Gothic Society, Post Re-imagining Event

A few months ago I went to Sheffield Uni for a Gothic-Lit event to launch The Diary of V. Frankenstein and give a presentation on it. I was interviewed via skype recently by one of the organisers. We got to have a more in depth discussion about the story and its themes. The interview has been transcribed and put on the Sheffield Gothic Blog so feel free to have a look.

Just forgive the couple of question I ramble on and don't actually answer. Nerves got the best of me.

A Quick General Update

This latter half of 2016 is going to be busy. As mentioned in a couple of posts ago, there are a number of events coming up.

This post is simply a quick bullet point run down of what writing things I'm working on the moment.

-The main project at the moment is The Heart of Nature. This is the second book in The Chronicles of Elementary and my own editing is going well. I have about 100 of 485 pages left to work through and then it will be sent to the publisher to see what they think.

-After the lessons of the one star for the Diary of  V. Frankenstein I have moved on and focusing on the positive things ahead. I've had a number of really nice things said about DoVF said since, so that's helped restore a little bit of faith in the story.

-I've been working on some cosplay for two conventions in October and the copsplay is a character from DoVF. Its been a lot of fun so far and I can't wait to finish. Although, I must remind people to spray paint in a well ventilated area ;) lol

-There is another bit of cool DoVF news, but I don't know if I'm allowed to share it yet so will wait just now.

-The rest of my time is spent making sure I'm organised for events that I have going on. I have a small little book signing on this weekend (16th of July) in Gloucester and that's looking to be fun

And that's about it really at the moment for book news. I'm working as hard as my health will let me and will continue to update and keep a record as and when things happen.