Tuesday, 8 May 2018

POEM: Contradictions of Each Path 31-1-14

Here is another poem, that has been long overdue- I am so bad at keeping this blog updated these days. There isn't much new, but as always things are moving forward. One day I'll be able to show you some cool stuff that is being worked on, but who knows when. For now I'll keep posting random poems from a few years back.

Contradictions of Each Path 31-1-14

How do I make even two steps forward?
When if one taken, the second goes back.
The path of my childhood long since moored,
And joys and goals a faint vision to track.
Work’s path kills slow, I can’t win, only lose.
Even educations effort is lost.
Another path- to serve, and spread good news?
Yet, my curse of fear adds to the high cost.
Too many times I’ve failed the fight with faith.
What about the paths and worlds in my head?
Four years they have haunted me like a wraith.
Using strengths to be patient as the dead.
And all for what? A tortoise pace, still blind.
Where is the golden path I wish to find?!

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Poem: Chrysalis 2/4/13

Here's another poem. 

 Chrysalis 2/4/13

This change is excruciating, blinding.
And all I want to see is a reason.
Yet, in darkness I find sight in feeling.
Sight that was eclipsed in winter’s season.
The coldness numbing at the genesis.
For so long a chance to find light wasted.
But spring came, growing in this chrysalis.
Able to feel light though blind and tainted.
The light itself a truth, an evidence.
I will never be what I was before.
And though a thousand shocks took my substance.
Its internal mutation gave me more.
What’s through summer’s hidden door? I don’t know.
The key: observe, adapt, repeat- and grow.