Saturday, 2 April 2011

Glorified Doodler

Writing has become such a big part of my life but hand in hand with this is my love for drawing. Today I want to share some of my drawings as they are taken from the book.

At different points in my life I have drawn a little bit but never to the level I do now. This really peaked after the ideas for the books came.

I have never been great at drawing and see myself as a glorified doodler and defiantly not an artist. However I love it and I saw how drawing could become part of my books so decided to incorporate it into the stories. I knew that with practice I would improve and I know that I have. I also see a lot of the ideas in my drawings as a skill and even though they are not technically amazing I am proud of the ideas behind them.

I am trying to do a different style for each book and for book one the style is suppose to be gritty and almost dirty, as if the drawer has a hard personality and rushed the drawings. A few of the drawings are in a clearer style because they are a symbol of a person or because I felt it would look better the way it is.

Most of the drawings are about an event in each chapter. I have left most of them out of the hard copy of the book but a few important pictures feature in it. For those that have read the book and not seen the art work this will be good for you to see.
Any comments on the art work would be greatly appreciated. You can do that here or at the facebook page.
For the facebook just type "the journal of fire" or "the chronicles of elementary" into the faccebook search bar if you haven't joined up yet.

I just love that this gives me another creative outlet and i'm so thankful for the ideas and all the doodles that I have done for this and future books.
Below are all the drawings for book one and when book two becomes the subject of my blogs I will share those doodles and so on unitl book six.   

Dragatu's Vision Of The Creator's Sword

Dragatu's Sword

Unilus Swallow

Dragatu's Necklace

Phoenon's Vision Of The Creator's Braclet

The Nation

Families Book Of Law

Dragatu Robes


Dragatu's Hunting Knives

Loves Labour



Dragatu Symbol

Phoenon Symbol

Unilus Symbol

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