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Marketing and Get Rich Quick... Through Poetry??


This week another newspaper article should be out (Wed the 8th). This time it is by the Stirling Observer. So if you are local keep your eyes open.

As this is the blog for the week the article comes out some of you reading this may have decided to come take a look because of the article. If so...

Hi  :)

Welcome to my blog. It is an on going project that keeps a record of all that happens to me in relation to my journey to earn a living as an author. Please feel free to look back over the archives and go back to the earliest blog and catch up on all that I have already experienced, learned and achieved.

The Book for Sale and First Three Chapters for Free

If you want to read more about the book the synopsis is below. Then if you are interested please go to where you can read chapters 1-3 for free and if you like what you read you can buy the hard copy of the book there. For the ebook go to

After the synopsis you will find the main topic for this weeks blog.


This is the Journal of Fire and the first of six stories known as the Chronicles of Elementary. It was written on a world similar to your own by a young boy named Dragatu (dra-gar-too).

He was visited by a warrior who miraculously appeared to him out of thin air. This warrior was bigger than any man, wore armour of gold and had a very unique sword. He told Dragatu he was the Creator of the universe.

Because of Dragatu’s courage, strength and desire to help the people the Creator offers him a special gift and tells him to lead the people. Dragatu chooses the gift of the Dragon and this incredible gift allows him to create fire with his thoughts making him very powerful. 

Dragatu is a triplet and his brothers are also offered gifts by the Creator. One chooses the gift of the Unicorn and can commune with nature. The other chooses the gift of the Phoenix and can heal people. With these gifts they are also told to lead the people.

Their family also has to protect and keep secret a unique book called the Book of Prophecy. The Creator told them it can only be read by certain people because it contains powerful information about the future.

However the brothers are very different and tensions begin to emerge about how to lead the people and if everyone should be able to read the Book of Prophecy. These tensions peek and a struggle for power begins…

Hard Copy


Get Rich Quick... Through Poetry??

This weeks main update is about another angle that may help me get notice in the writing community.

I never knew how much money can be made in poetry competitions. Over the past few weeks I have entered a few and prizes range from 100 to 5,000 pounds. This would be an ideal way of not only getting some money from writing, but also my name out there in the writing community. It may then work as a knock on effect so that my book can get some notice as well. 

I am ever the optimist so felt there was no harm in trying as I have some poetry already written and it was easy enough to submit it. I really wish I could put them up here to see what people thought but according to the rules the poetry must not have been put on any internet page like websites blogs etc. Seems a bit strange to me but once I win you will all be able to see them :) and if for some strange reason I don't win (tee hee) I will put it up here for your viewing pleasure.

I think the results are the end of July, Oct, Nov. 

Not much else to report except writing of the second book is moving forward well enough and loving the story so much. I just love writing and creating and every day I hope I get that email from an agent that says they like my work and want to represent me. However as always I can't just sit around so continue to find ways that may get me the recognition I crave so much. Some of these ways to try and get recognition will feature in following updates, so remember updates are usually every Saturday. 

Thanks for reading. 

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