Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jobs Done!

It is finished!! In less than a month I have re-written 64,000 words of my book and kept 44,000 of the original journal style.

Why didn't I re-write the whole thing? Well the reason the re-write was so important was because the beginning of the book was difficult for the reader to get drawn into so the new style was best and that problem has been solved.

Secondly it is because about two thirds of the way through the story the journal style is good because it gives you more insight into the main character and gives the reader a new style which actually shakes the narrative up in a way I think is refreshing.

Lastly the ending actually works better in the journal style, even if the beginning did not, so it was best to keep it to keep the ending the way it was.

How do I feel now its done... exhausted. all of this in less than a month is something pretty epic and I totally need therapy because I must be insane to have done all this in such a short time. But it is finished!! and I am even happier with my baby than I was before and that is saying something.

Now it's time to take a short break, then edit, Yuk!! but I will have help from my friend Anders, thank you! And then Agent hunt begins again....

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