Saturday, 10 March 2012

Another One Bites The Dust!

Another book finished. 98,600 words.

Time Line:

Ideas in October, but busy with another book.

Finished other book and 20,000 words of the new one done by January 28th 2012

March 10th 2012 (today) 98,600 words done and book finished. Needs a good edit though so a lot of work still ahead.

I just can't believe it's done already. It has been a labour of love and hate, but I needed to just get it finished as quickly as possible. Now I can causally edit when I want, but more importantly I can focus more on my friends and family again.
I hope they can forgive my lack of effort in the last 6 weeks.

Once it's edited we shall see what happens but for now it's going to be good to work at a slower pace than at my max. It was like sprinting a marathon, and I'm exhausted. But I did it and I'm so happy that I did!! :)

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