Friday, 3 May 2013

The Butterfly Effect

I just wanted to write a short update of what's going on.

The editing the Book of Prophecy seems to be going well. Sammy had it for a while and has done what she can in her very busy life, and I'm so grateful for all she does. However I felt like it was time for me to take it back and see if my writing has improved enough to make a difference. But more importantly so she didn't have to do the majority of the editing work; especially when she could be doing more important things. It turns out that this was the right choice. I sent her some of my recent edits and she says I'm on the right path. It was nice to hear this as it's been a long struggle to improve. The plan is to keep working on the last half of the book and send her chapters here and there to look at. Then change anything that needs changing. Once this is done I'll give it a read through and send it to her and see what she says.

It's not all easy going though as Sammy has highlighted some issues with character development and plot weaknesses. This is good though as she's always pushing me beyond my own expectations and helping me see how I can improve the story. If it wasn't for her this story would never have reached it's potential and I would never have improved the way I have.

With her constructive criticism I have made some changes to the plot and this is why I've titled this the Butterfly Effect. A few small, but significant changes have been made at one of the most pivotal points of the story. Although these changes are small it has meant spending a lot of time changing other things so it all fits. It does seem to fit well though and I'm excited by these changes.

The next few months will be spent doing a lot of work on this story, but hopefully some time this year it will actually reach its potential and be finished.

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