Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Professional Opinion

A few weeks ago I decided to contact the Teaching Assistant who deals with a lot of the Gothic Horror aspects of the English Studies course at Stirling University (where I once studied sport- No I'm not joking. I studied sport there. Honestly I did. How'd I go from sport to this? Well it's a long story that is explained at the very start of this blog, I think). Anyway... I contacted Matthew Foley asking if he'd take a look at my Frankenstein story. He was very nice and took the time to look at it. This is is what he said...

'I think that you write well -- i'm very fussy about style normally! -- and also that the rewriting of Victor as having created the bride of Frankenstein is a super idea that you handle intelligently. You also set up a convincing premise to the action. The nods to Walton will keep the fanboys happy, too. All in all, style and premise are great.'

He also pointed out one or two technical issues, like sentence structure, and also gave a suggestion to make it a full Novel, which is funny as that was the original plan. I'm thankful for the time Matt took and that he had such positive things to say. 

There's a lot of other things in the pipeline and plenty of updates to come. I will also have another review of someone else's work I've been reading and I will post that soon.

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