Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Life Just Keeps Getting In The Way, Or Should I Just Get A Life?

The problem with writing stories is that I can get frustrated, and perhaps selfish at times because it’s what I want my paid job to be. I’ve come a long way in four years since naively and innocently thinking that this was going to be easy. However, knowing how difficult this path is doesn't stop me wanting it more than anything. I know people will think I'm arrogant, but I still believe my stories are good enough to accomplish this goal- I guess when The Book of Prophecy is released it will be an indicator if I'm right or not. However, it can just be a bit of a struggle waiting and trying to do what's right for my life and the goals I want to achieve. Especially at the moment when there's so much change going on in my life.
The main change that effects my writing is my job situation. As mentioned in previous updates my job has been a miracle and allowed me to write while on the nightshift when it’s quiet and I’ve also had a lot of time during the day to write as well. There are some limitations to how much I can write, as I’ve also previously mentioned, but I’ve done well at balancing it all.
Now, however, I’m changing jobs and this luxury of time to write is possibly going to vanish. (Some reading this might say, ‘Wow, go get some real problems,’ and in a way they’d be correct in saying that, but I have those real problems too, but writing about those is not what this blog was for. This blog was to do with writing and so that’s what I’m sticking to). Ultimately, it could be my choice if I get to have the time to write or not, depending on what hours I choose to work. (Yes, I am grateful that I actually have a job, but trying to achieve what I am I have to be willing to sacrifice, but it’s hard to know what is okay to sacrifice and when to do so). I’m just unsure whether to throw myself into the new job to earn the money I need to pay off my debts, or for maybe another six months just work the minimal I need to so I can survive and get another writing project finished. I have one in mind and would be a straight forward project of four novella’s to make into a collection of my writing diversity and creativity.
I am swinging towards just doing the latter as I’m too stubborn to take even a slight step back from my goal just yet. It may be the wrong choice and continue to make me struggle financially, but without great risk there will be no great reward. Plus, The Book of Prophecy is due out the first of August and I want to throw myself into marketing that when I can. So I may just keep my focus on writing and see what happens. It’s just annoying that I couldn’t stick with my other job for another six months or a year, but the night-shift was taking its toll on some of my health struggles and going to a job that is day-shift should be better for me.
Everything is pretty uncertain to how it’s all going to work out, but isn’t it always? As ever I’ll do my best to adapt and accomplish the goals I have and then see what happens. Maybe that’s selfish of me, but if I achieve my goals, my life, and more importantly the lives of those I love could be improved. It’s a risk I have to take, at least for a little while longer.

The next blog update in two months will no doubt cover what choices I made and how things are unfolding with how much I’m writing. After that update it will only be a week and a half until The Book of Prophecy is published J.

In Other Writing News

Cat Story

My five hundred word cat story, The Caterpillar of Catastrophe and the Catatonically Drunk Cat, was published in the collection titled Felinity. The link below will take you to where it can be purchased.

Book Two of the Chronicles of Elementary

Due to the job change and other distractions this had to be put to one side. The massive re-write that occurred was very productive and although there is still a lot to sort out and things to add, I’m glad to have such a significant amount done. When I do go back to finishing it off it will be seven months less work if I hadn’t done what I’ve done.

The Book of Prophecy

I am currently getting edits back from a wonderful and very talented editor. We are over halfway through. The book is shaping up nicely and next time I blog it will almost be for sale in beautiful paperback and ebook format. At some point before then the marketing is going to have to be worked out, but we’ll build that bridge when we get there. No matter what happens with my job situation, and how much effort I can put into this, it will be a very happy and exciting time.

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