Friday, 1 August 2014


Well, it's looking likely that today is not the day of publication :( There's still five hours left...maybe it will happen, but it's not looking likely. It's okay though!!! :D I'm always a fan of opportunities to see if I've learned something from my life, and I think I can be proud of myself for being relatively sound minded with having to wait.
  So, what's going on you ask. Well, as always things just happen, but to put it blunt, the book just wasn't up to the standard it should have been. Ultimately, that's my fault, and I really need to up my game with the technical side of my writing. The minor mistakes have now been corrected so I believe we're almost there. There was also an issue with the Blurb and me being an idiot as to which it should be, but thankfully I was proved wrong. Another issue was the wrongly titled prologue (actually a preface) needed improving and after some debate a quote from my favourite book, Frank Herbert's, Dune, actually worked really well to replace the weak preface I had written. So, we're currently waiting to hear back from Frank Herbert's estate if we have permission to use it.
  And that's where we're at with it all. Not ideal, but I'm a believer in order out of chaos (a phrase I didn't know was actually coined by the Masons until recently), and, positives often come from negatives. As always, only time will tell how things turn out, but when the Book of Prophecy does get published in the next few days or so I will be a very very happy person. I just can't wait to share it with everyone!

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