Friday, 31 October 2014


Well, big change is taking place in my life. I am leaving Scotland and moving to England. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly it's to be close to my family and to lean on them during the difficult time of being unemployed and still struggling with various health related issues. Writing has taken a backseat while I’ve tried to figure the details of moving etc, but I wanted to update briefly on a few writing related things.

The Marketing has ground to a halt as I’ve done nothing. I also did not hear back from the local newspaper. When I move I will try again with local papers down there and try to think of other things I can do. I stand by my comments about marketing and how I’ll keep trying in the hope that in time I’m able to get the exposure that allows me to find the people who will enjoy the Book of Prophecy.

I have had some lovely feedback from people I know who have read it since it was published and this is encouraging. I have also had three reviews on Amazon and I’m very thankful for those who have taken the time to leave feedback.

As for actually writing I have nearly finished a novella version of my Frankenstein story. Once it’s done the next main project will be a very different avenue of writing. I have decided to start writing a blog about some of the Mental and Physical health struggles I have. I will still continue trying to promote the Book of Prophecy and writing other fictional stories, but it feels like a change in writing will be good. I’m writing this new blog in the hope others may benefit from the experiences I’ve had and to continue the important growth of awareness that is taken place in our society. Then again maybe the blog will not help anyone in anyway, but I’m going to give it a go. This will be the priority but I have the sequel of the Book of Prophecy waiting for me to go through so I’ll dabble in this as well. There’s a lot to do but I’m trying to juggle it all as best I can. I’ll update this again when there’s news or anything significant to share that relates to my journey of writing stories.

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