Friday, 8 December 2017

Turning 30 years old and Poetry

I had my thirtieth birthday recently. It has been celebrated wonderfully and I was treated and spoiled by friends and family. I was deeply touched by how loving everyone was and my thirtieth birthday has been a very special time.

In writing news, I have been very good and actually have lots of words put together for a future story. Granted, its just lots of notes from my dungeons and dragons campaign, but its something. My friends have been incredible players and together they have made some wonderful characters, and epic moments as we play. I can't wait to write it up one day as stories relating to the main novel.

The bad news is I have been terrible at getting my books published before the year is over. The industry is so hard to crack, and with sales only breaking even, it's difficult to keep the momentum going when publishing new books. The company have wisely slowed down the pace of publishing a little, because too much investment and not enough sales is a dangerous habit for a company to get into. Grimbold Publishing must survive, as it's amazing company. In time I  will get my stories ready to be published, but until then things have ground to a halt.

Some good news is (I think), I have some poetry to share. I wrote a number of poems when I used to work nightshift and always hoped I'd be happy, confident and brave enough to share them by the time I'm thirty. Well, I have achieved those goals and happy to share them with you. I'll post one every few weeks/month. I hope you like them.

  A Break Given To Stop This Breakdown (1-2-2011)

The drive goes on, and on, despite the crash.
While mother earth gestates her element.
Weathering and weakening, then we clash.
Like lightening, my energy is spent.
All of it used to control this machine.
She is unaffected, unstoppable.
I am rust, dents and leaking gasoline.
How to survive? This is impossible!
Harmonise, so we two will win this race.
Achieve wants, and dreams, together as one.
If you condescend for us, show us grace.
Give us a break, then repairs can be don.
Or in a trillion tears we will drown.
If no break given to stop this breakdown. 

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