Tuesday, 15 January 2019


With it now being 2019 I thought I better at least write an update.

2018 has been a pretty busy year for writing and book related fun. I have a cover for The Heart of Nature and it is beautiful. I'm sure in the next few months I'll be ready to show the world. I am currently waiting on the redo of The Book of Prophecy's cover and then will show both.

In December I submitted a short story to a Anthology, Lost Gods by Grimboldbooks.com. The story is a Greek mythology story I wrote a few years back and I spent a lot of time improving it. I'm currently waiting to see if it was good enough to get into the anthology.

I am still doing lots of Dungeons and Dragons and gathering so many wonderful and entertaining stories from those adventures. We're about two thirds of the way through the campaign now and it will likely wrap up in the summer. 

I'm also waiting on feedback on the Heart of Nature from the publishers and hoping it doesn't need too much editing etc.

In 2018 I also went to Fantasy Writers Con ( In Chester) for the first time since Nottingham 2015 and it was good to be there. I spent most of the time on the stall helping sell books and then resting to make sure the health stuff didn't get too bad. It was a fun weekend for sure and gave me a lot of motivation to keep writing and seeing what the future holds for my books.

2019 is a complete unknown. I'm hoping it will be the year I realise the Heart of Nature but only time will tell. I'll do my best to update on anything that happens and any thoughts about this journey, but as always I'm rubbish at doing so these days.

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