Wednesday, 18 September 2019

How To Kick Life In The Vagiballs (2011) – update = 29/08/2019

The Journey
Find the road that makes me happiest, according to the circumstances that surround me at any one time. This road is the road that matters most. My happiness will help others to feel happy when around me. However, sacrificing my own happiness for other does not work. Self care and rest must come first.
On the flip side, other people can impact my happiness, which is good, but the core must be my own.
I must stay on my own road of happiness at all costs. Always invite others to join me, but people come and go. The most important will always be on my road whether close or far.

Be there for them, because they have always been there for me. Family is a spectrum of ideas, so anyone can be family, but first it is blood ties. If ever they fail me I am lucky to have so many friends that our family to me. One day I may have a family of my own and will have to have the integrity and commitment to never fail them.

View life through the eyes of others. People are individuals and the way they look at life may be different but it does not make them wrong. Having an open mind will allow me to relate to people, and as a consequence be a better friend to all who I meet no matter from what background of life.

The Things That Actually Matter
Let go of things that don't matter so I can hold onto that which does.

Plans Within Plans Within Plans
Always have a plan b, c and z. Focus on plan A but be prepared to change. Life is a constant variable.

The Three: Mind, body and Spirit/Soul

The mind needs stimulation. Both fun and educational. Some stimulations are perceived as lower and some as higher. Almost all have benefits and I must choose to learn and observe what the benefits are. However, some can be destructive and I must stay clear of these. Don’t overthink!!

Being healthy helps me to be happy but health is different from shape. I want to be strong so I can accomplish and have more energy but this will come by being healthy. Being healthy is exercising in a balanced way, sleeping effectively and eating well. I have learned this is more complex. With a invisible illness it is so very hard to keep physical health balance. Being able to be strict and resting so much as I need to is important but very hard.

I must stick to my own beliefs and live them to the best of my abilities. This involves accounting for my strengths and weaknesses and includes a massive number of external influences at any given time.
I must learn what I believe and live it. I must also understand everyone has different beliefs and these are as important to those people as mine are to me. By practicing my own belief system I build integrity, self understanding and I know my place in the universe. I learn that I am special and so is everyone. I learn the value of life. Search for spiritual wellbeing through adopting a spectrum of religious and philosophical perspectives. Trust my soul to know what feels good for me to adopt.

Being Honest With My Emotions.
Emotions make me human. The intensity and experience is both beautiful and destructive. Learning how to only allow the beautiful ones to flower will bring peace and serenity.

Learn To Love
The time will come to love. I should not fear it, or project past negativities on potential future experiences. I deserve to be loved and someone deserves to be loved by me. This love will not be as a friend, or as family, but as something that in a way combines both, and is unique in its definition. It is the kind of love when two parts become one whole.
I must prepare for that moment to be the best I can. This way I can support them, learn from them, teach them and vise versa. We will be able to grow in beauty and happiness. This in turn will allow us to lift each other when down and lean on each other, holding hands through the good and the bad. I must understand it will not be easy, as I will not always be my best self, but I will try, and all that is pure will see me through. I must understand every part of who they are and love them for it.
I need to open up and let people in so the chances of finding love will be increased.
I must also love myself for who I am but be willing to change and grow.

Wants And Needs
Maintain the needs of life. Work hard to have more so the pleasures and wants such as travelling and helping people can be accomplished.
Money gives freedom and can be used to influence the world around me in a positive manner. It will increase my circle of influence. But maintaining the needs is the foundation. Building prematurely upon that foundation may destroy the foundation.
With the invisible illness it is harder to get things and influence. Learn to accept that even a simple smile to lift someone’s day is a gift that can be given. Keeping finances balanced is so important, but being happy with ones circumstance and not always desiring more and more is fundamental to happiness.

Create and Express

Thoughts, feelings, beliefs should be expressed where possible. They are the sum of all the parts that combine together to form who I am. I should love all of who I am and not be afraid to show it. All this should be done with respect.

There is nothing like creating something and looking at that creation and feeling the joys of accomplishment. Creation should always be encouraged.

Past, Present And Future
The past cannot be changed. Learn from it. This means I can have the best experience in the present/now and shape an amazing future full of wonders.

And Lastly...

Have fun! Be silly! Life is an adventure that is full of so many possibilities. Learn when to be serious but at all other times relax! dance! sing! smile! and laugh!

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