Saturday, 27 June 2020

From My Heart

Something I wrote on Facebook a few weeks ago. This year has been so intense I felt I had to let out some feelings and thoughts. 

In these times of ever increasing extremes it's so hard to know what to write, or say, and most importantly, do.

The world and its events are so massive. The number of different beliefs so vast. Hate and Love on a global scale are growing stronger and stronger as they feast upon the need to fight harder and harder to beat the other.

What can I do in such a world? My tiny garden of influence, beliefs and perspectives is comparable to nothing. How do I know what way is best to plough, sow, water, weed, harvest, consume and share?

Honestly, I don't have an answer.

I am void of knowing what I can do. So much love that rages inside. Rages and burns for those fighting for the same want of love. Its so intense and purifying that it almost consumes me. Such grief for the suffering of fellow beings. I know I must hold on. And so I go on. Balancing, processing, trying, loving, caring in small ways, until I can do more. Deep down controlling emotions that feel like they could rip apart the whole universe, and if not that, then certainly my small garden.

I want to hold those in grief and suffering to show them they are loved. That their pain is noticed. That each person is significant and matters more than they could ever know. That so many tears are spilled for them. That so many small gardens are watered in this way by millions of people because of love. That despite the hate, selfishness, poverty, injustice, sickness, loneliness and fear, there are those who would take it all away if they could. People who are doing what they can to make a change. Those trying to keep hope and love alive through word and action.

I want to do more. I want to be by your side when kneeling and fighting for love. But if all I can do is sign petitions, vote with love for reform, raise my voice when needed, tell people how much I love them, be there for them, share what little I can, and love with all my heart, then hopefully it will be enough, even though I want to do so much more.

You may never know it. But I love you.

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