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Extract of Love

This update is me finally giving you a look at some of my book.
I'm not sure why I haven't done this sooner. This blog is about writing and the main thing I have written is my book so I feel it’s about time I shared some.
The idea to share some of my book came to me because recently I have been thinking a lot about the emotion of love. Love is an emotion that fascinates me as it is something that causes such a vast amount of actions from different people. Some of those actions are beautiful but some are pretty disturbing. I guess the negative ones stem more from obsession than love but maybe for some people they are the same thing, it all depends on perspective but I won’t get into a debate about it here.
I've recently been thinking about love in my personal life and how it relates to my writing and I have decided to take something from my book that deals a little with this emotion and I hope you enjoy it.
This extract is very important to me but before telling you why I will give you a brief summary of my book so you understand the context, then the extract will be given and then why it's important to me.
The book is a journal called 'The Journal of Fire.' It is the first of 6 books that make up the series called 'The Chronicles of Elementary.' The writer of the journal and main character is called Dragatu. He is a triplet and his other two brothers are called Unilus and Phoenon.
This extract is from chapter 4 and Dragatu is beginning to fall in love. The problem he faces here is that he is not good at articulating his feelings and after some teasing his brothers help him write something to give to the girl in an attempt to impress her.
So here it is.
  “Perception has often been the fuel to change a person’s existence, the opening of the eyes to something never seen before, and see something you always knew was possible, but never had considered.
  This was revealed in a single instant and I was blinded by a revelation that turns a seed unknown into a rose fully understood, but what to do with that rose?
  Give it to you with chance of reciprocation? Or hide it under glass for fear of rejection?
  How did the seed turn into this rose? What circumstance led to this moment?
  It was a humble parting moment and regular event. Yet that parting smile, the feelings I felt as I left you standing there. I have never seen you so radiant, so unique, so perfect.
  At that moment I realised I would do anything to make you happy, as I had known you were when you were with me.
  The perception had changed and I saw all the time we spent together, and all I had ever done since we met, was for you. I had done it as more than a friend.
  To see all this in a single moment cannot be described.
  I came to realise a simple truth. That you are the only exception, the only star at night, and that this fact remains when all dies, I love you.
  Yet what to do with this enlightenment? What to tell you? What to say?
  I had never known such fear. I who had faced beasts three times my size and been victorious.
  I know I had discovered in you a treasure far beyond riches or power, I had become the richest man with fewest possessions, but my conscious has made a coward of me. Is the risk too high?
  I never want to lose your friendship, and I fear what I feel could be a rift between us.
  Would you return my love?
  The hope in me cannot understand why you could not love me. I am a man of strength, of power and of honour. I would dedicate every breath to seeing you smile and laugh.
  How could you not want this?
  You who are gifted with a love more powerful than most would surely understand, but this love was previously burned. I hate how you were hurt so much. How I wish I could take that pain away from you.
  I have tried my best to relieve your agony by making you smile and laugh, but even suffering from such pain I could see your strength and capability to love. Please don't close your heart because of this experience. Just learn to position your love towards someone who will always be there for you.
  Someone who understands your feelings, who has, and will be there for you as long as you need him. Who loves your secret desire to be comforted? Even though you are so strong and hide this side of you behind a mask.
  Someone who loves your desire to achieve and be successful, and would encourage you to be the best at everything you do.
  Someone who would dance with you forever, holding you close to shelter you from any storm.
  Someone who comprehends your space and time, to acknowledge and appreciate when you need your own, but would always let you have his when you required it.
  I could be that someone, but if not, find him, be happy. I love you.”

An interesting secret, that will no longer be a secret after this, is that I wrote this before any idea of the book had come into my mind. It has been changed a little to make it work for the story but this was a typical 'Steven' attempt to understand his own emotions, from a real situation in life, through writing.
It was an important part of my life to have written about, which I guess is the point. Moments that involve such strong emotions such as love, hate, anger, despair, joy, fear etc are important to remember and in my opinion should be record in some form so we can learn from the experiences.
This is so important when it comes to writing stories. I love to observe and learn from the world around me but there is nothing that can beat experiencing the broad spectrum of lives circumstances and emotions for yourself. In the context of story writing it just allows you to write better characters if you understand what they are going through.
Hopefully all the experiences in my life allow me to write situations and characters that you can empathise with and I also hope you will see a little of yourself in some of them, or what they go through.
I just hope you enjoyed the extract and it should give you a small peek into the world I have created and hopefully will make you want to discover more.
(for any guys, yes I am being stereotypical and sexist, that read this there is a lot of action in the book too
J love for some reason was just on my mind recently)

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