Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A New Beginning

A new beginning has dawned!... but just like every day it follows a similar pattern... And yes that pattern is once again i'm doing a serious edit of the Book of Prophecy.
The question is WHY!!?? Like seriously... WHY!!??

The answer has it's roots in some events that have taken place over the last two weeks. These events are as follows.

-My friend and fellow writer Sammy knows someone who has some pretty awesome skills in the technical side of writing and story telling.

-Last wednesay I began working with him on the b.o.p because we believed it needed more work... Well a lot more work.

-Yesterday we stopped working together.

Here's the story in a bit more detail.

So work began last Wednesday and it was painful for many reasons. One being I was so desperate to make it work I spent hours upon hours staring at the screen editing. For those who don't know I can only do about two hours a day because of eye pain. When I do more it hurts a lot, and I did a lot more.

I pushed through the difficulties that were emerging and together we came up with what I believe is an epic first chapter (in a way I see it as a new beginning).

Over the weekend we started chapter two. However it was beginning to be clear the editor/ writer relationship was not an easy one. View points were not in harmony, and style of both learning an teacher were very different. There is no criticism in that statement- certain things were just different.

I went through chapter two and applied what I was taught and what was suggested, while keeping the book the way it needed to stay. I thought I had done a good job and that with a bit of his editing chapter two continued the new sharper style. Of course it was not perfect but much better. Long story short it wasn't what he was after and I realised that his suggestions for extensive world building were not exactly what I thought the purpose of us working together was. We both agreed working together was not going to work if we had different goals for my work. Therefore yesterday we stopped working together.

Im taking the last week as a really positive experience and as always I have learned so much.

The plan is to take what i've learned and make it sharper the way he showed me and it will be the best it can be, while still keeping the style I think is appropriate the integrity of the story. Again that is no criticism, I just have to stay true to the stories roots.

The next few months are going to involve a lot of work, but i'm used to that after 2 and a half years of writing, re-writing and editing.

When it's done I'm hoping I can get some peoples opinions on it because I think there will be a substantial difference. Whatever happens I will be very happy with it after this edit- aka rip it apart and put it back together without waffle and with a little more world building. Time to work hard... Again :D

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