Wednesday, 21 November 2012

This Elephant Tastes Awesome!

How do you eat an elephant? The saying goes. The answer: one bite at a time. After more than two months of doing a little bit each day, probably about a chapter every three days, Empiphany's mass edit is finished. It has been ripped apart, stuff has been taken out, stuff has been put in, and it has been stitched back together slowly. After a last attempt to get some of the punctuation right, which took more than three hours, and is still probably wrong; it was finished late on Tuesday 20/11/12.

There is a quote I wrote when the first draft of Empiphany was finished and it captures how I feel about this story:

I wanted it to be something perfect, but something felt wrong, and that's when I knew it was right. I needed something beautiful and repulsive, something accessible and closed, something unique and familiar, something disturbing and innocent, something brilliant and terrible, something intelligent and ignorant, something I both love and hated. For me Empiphnay is this and more, and that's why it's perfect to me.

It has been sent to Starbuck and she’s going to give it a read through and let me know what she thinks. Until that happens the next step in my writing adventures is unknown, there are a few options, but I think I will take a short break and go crazy with some Audiobooks.

Lastly I would like to thank Bear Wills for unknowingly being the motivation for me to complete this. You gave me the date the 24th and I finished 4 days early :) 

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