Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Just a quick post to end the year.

As most people will have guessed by now I like stupid little patterns and coincidences ('there's no such thing as coincidence, just the illusion of coincidence' V for Vendetta). And well... i'm 25, I've been 25 for 25 days, my latest book, Empiphany, has just been re-edited and finished, and has 25 chapters, and it's the 25th of December (Merry Christmas). Prior to this sentence, and excluding the title, I've mentioned 25 5 times and if you haven't guessed by now i'm a complete square, and 5 squared is 25. 25 times 5 is 125 which has 25 in it. Yeh so thought i'd call this post 25.

So what to write to end the year? Well a simple update I guess.

Empiphany took several months to edit and I gave it a final read through this month. It's looking good and i'm very happy with it.

B.O.P is also looking good and it's still in Sammy's hands. She is a very busy lady so when/if things ever quieten down for her we'll be going back to it.

Both books are online for free as a download at www.stevenjguscott.com and although some improvements may be needed the standard is so much better. This is thanks to the recent dramatic edits that can only be described as ripping apart, taking stuff out, putting stuff in, and then stitching it all back together.

The next project will be to give book 2 of the Chronicles of Elementary a complete edit and that will take several months if not more.

I'm sure i'll have something to rant about before then, but that will be next year so goodbye 2012. All endings are really just beginnings.

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