Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fun and Learning


Well I was trying to find a new creative outlet last week and the idea to make a children's picture book seemed like the best option. It has been a lot of fun. Mainly because at times I'm a big kid and writing a little story that is simple and fun was something I really enjoyed.


Once the story part was done it was time to realise how inadequate my drawing skills are for a picture book. 80% of the work is the drawings and I'm not good enough to even attempt it. After a little frustration at this I decided using word and clipart would have to do for now. At the very least I wanted to come up with a mock picture book that would have some pictures to help express the story.
So I got to work. Although another thing I must point out is my inability to use technology. This caused some technical issues but after phoning my Mum she managed to help me find what I needed in word to make the pictures and writing work together. Thanks Mum!
It was all done within 24 hours and I turned it into a PDF to beta test it using my phone and showing it to my Nieces and Nephew. This helped and when reading it I saw what needed to be changed. I still need to make those changes but will do that over the next couple of days.

Doing this was really good fun and even educational. It's always nice to do something a bit different and maybe I'll write some more in the future.


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