Friday, 29 March 2013

The Importance of Every Review

On this journey I’ve found that one of the hardest things to get is feedback and reviews. I’ve been fortunate to have very supportive friends and family who have given feedback in the past (and continue to help with feedback- thank you everyone). However branching out and finding reviewers outside this circle can be quite difficult. It’s something I wish I could do more of. Not because I think my opinion has that much value, but because I’ve discovered the review of just one person can make your day. That said I wouldn’t do it just to be nice, but to be constructive and objective about peoples work. Then if the work was good I could tell them so and that simple thing can bring confidence and motivation. It can make such a big difference. If my eyes weren’t so rubbish and caused me pain if I read or watch screens too much then I would try to review so many stories. I am going to try and review a few pieces on Amazon but it may take me months to read them.

As for me a lot of my work is being edited and improved at this point in time so I haven’t had a chance to get  much feedback. However with my short story being published in the Steampunk Anthology I have been very fortunate to receive one piece of nice feedback. On Monday the Anthology got a review and the reviewer said out of the 10 short stories mine was her favourite. It took me totally by surprise as the other writers are talented and more experienced than me. It’s strange how it’s just one persons opinion but to me it means so much. It’s cliché but I write because I love creating new stories, but the end goal is to share these stories with the world and when someone enjoys one of my stories it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Keeping that in mind I would ask that when you read any story you track down the place you can comment and review it and do so. You just don't know what impact it could have on the person who has written it.

As always thanks for reading and here’s the link to the review and where you can find the Anthology.

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