Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Confession Time So I Can Move On

Well guess it’s time I told the truth about what I mentioned in the previous post and why I was feeling down...

I tried an agent hunt for about the 1,004th time and got another full house of rejections. As always it has become another learning experience so nothing is ever wasted. I was just so excited to have finished a redraft of Empiphany and thought why not give it a try. I didn’t want to tell anyone and really hoped I got an agent so I could surprise everyone with some good news. However when that didn’t happen I got a bit down (understatement – I can become very low when I feel that disappointed, but it's just part of who I am and have learned how to move beyond it quickly). It didn’t take too long to get over the slump and I’m pretty focused and upbeat right now. It’s amazing how it’s my own expectations and over reaching that leads to me getting frustrated and disappointed. Now it’s time to completely move on and embrace the one very small step at a time attitude. The glacier way of thinking must be applied and one day a beautiful landscape will emerge.

As for what’s going on at the moment I’ll add another update/post to talk about that. And as a sort of footnote, and for the sake of keeping the details of this history, I’ve put information on the submissions below. Some of the more recent submissions haven't replied yet but I'm not expecting good news so moving on.  

Agency                         Date Submitted       Date Rejected

Conville and Walsh     25-11-12                    13-12-12  
Donald Mass               25-11-12                    11-12-12   
Caroline Sheldon        25-11-12                    14-01-13 
MBA                            26-11-12                    24-01-13  
Darley Anderson         26-11-12                    Difficulties with lost email submission. Eventually got in touch with someone. They were very nice about it and re-submitted (4-2-13) but never heard back.  
Corvisiero                 13-2-13                         No reply   
Doncongdon             13-2-13                         25-2-13  
Waxmanleavell        19-2-13                         No reply    
Jvnla                         17-2-13                         No reply   
PSliterary                  19-2-13                         6-3-13

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