Monday, 1 July 2013

The Thin Line Between Genius and Insanity

Not that I think I’ve been on the side of genius at any point in my life, well except maybe for when I learned how to walk and talk, but recently I’ve certainly crossed the line into insanity.

I'm currently writing a short story and needed to find a brief quote that was vital for the story. The quote was from a book but it was obscure and due to having audiobooks, because of my dry eye issues, I had to search through two audiobooks that were both sixteen hours long. In total it only took me about 8-10 hours of searching over three days. I say 'only' because it could have been a lot worse. Fortunately I knew which character said it, so that helped, but it was in a really obscure place in the book that I hadn’t remembered. After checking all the obvious places I stumbled across it and you can imagine my relief when I finally found it and could get on with actually writing story.

It made me realise how crazy I am with my writing and how focused and determined I get when I want to achieve something. That said I am very lazy in many aspects of my life and this focus rarely gets seen- unless I'm trying to furnish a flat for free. (That ones for you Bear Wills). 

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