Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hello!/Keeping A Short Story Short


First of all I would like to say an official hello on here to anyone who has 'liked' my Facebook page recently. Thanks to KristellInk's competition there has been about forty of you and if you have come to look at this blog update via F.B, Hello! and good luck with the competition :).

Keeping A Short Story Short

In my previous update I talked about a short story I've been working on and the effort it took to find what I needed for it. The short story is now ninety-nine percent finished. It needs some little bits added, but I will do those at some point soon.

It has been really fun blending Ancient Greek Mythology into a Steven style story and I think people will enjoy it. I've called it, 'Blood of Atreus: The Last Hope for Gods and Mortals.' The word count was meant to be about eight thousand, but I hope I can get away with ten thousand. Even getting it down to that was a struggle.
   As I wrote I had a lot of really cool content, but by the time I got to thirteen thousand words I realised I needed to stop. I saved that version and one day I will keep writing and it will probably be a twenty to twenty-five thousand word novella. With that version saved I started cutting and editing what I had written and managed to slim it down to ten thousand words.
   I'm happy with this, as it's still a really good story with all the main ideas I wanted, but I do feel it can be expanded and even more interesting and enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to sharing this short story with you and will post about when that will be in the future.

I have also decided to turn my Frankenstein short story, and two other ideas for stories, into novellas. I think having these three, and the Greek Mythology short story as a novella, will make a really good collection if put together in one book. This is a few years off though, as I have to get book one of The Chronicles of Elementary: The Book of Prophecy, ready for publication. I also need to start properly editing the second book of the series and I'm going to try to keep reviewing other stories too.

As always there's a lot of work ahead for me, but I love creating stories and I hope you will enjoy reading them once they are ready to be shared.

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