Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm

Wow, life as a writer is very quiet at the moment. It’s taking all my patience to keep my head down and focus on writing and reviewing. I can pretty much give a list of what I'm going to be doing for the next six months. It’s going to be a winter of hard work that’s for sure. There will be very little posting, or anything to report, hence the 'calm,' but once it’s all done it will be close to publishing time and the 'storm' of marketing will commence :)

The Next Six Months

1) I will be editing through the second book of the Chronicles of Elementary. I’m on chapter three so far. There are a lot of changes, but it’s reassuring to see how much my writing has improved in three years.

2) The last edits of the Book of Prophecy need to be made, but once they have it will go to the editors at the publishing company.

3) I will be reading a variety of books and reviewing them.

4) The art for the front cover of Book of Prophecy will appear at some point. I'm very excited to see it.

5) The changes for B.o.P will come back from the editor/publishers and I’ll need to work through those.

And that is most likely everything for the next six months. That is the glamorous life of a writer in a nutshell. It’s part of the process and after more than three and a half years this is the closing stage of one chapter. Once the Book of Prophecy is published it will be a massive relief and weight of my shoulder. I  really cannot wait to start marketing it. But first it’s time to knuckle down and work as hard as I can. 

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