Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Calm Goes On/Life Lessons/Selfishness

The Calm Goes On

There has been no change to the writing situation in two months, which is fine. It’s what I expected and it may not move forward for another few months, which again is fine. I’m trying to keep my excitement for publication at bay and I think I’m doing well. I just keep doing my little bit of writing each day at that keeps me distracted.

Life Lessons

Over the last few years there have been some difficult times and they have been the fuel for another writing project. Each experience has given me inspiration for this project and it’s allowed me to be creative in a consolidated way. I’m thankful for the difficult times and the life lessons because they help give all my writing essence and substance.


I know I said I’d try to keep reviewing, but I've decided to be selfish and work mostly on book two of the Chronicles of Elementary (now at chapter 11, 55,000 words in, but not even close to half way yet, yikes!). This has been for one reason and one alone- it will pass the time quicker. If I focus on this project it will keep me busy for many months and keep me focused. I’m not good at juggling things, or multitasking, so focusing on one thing at a time is the best option for me. After it’s done and B.O.P is out I can take some time to read some stories as I have a growing list.


So the calm of not much change continues. In a way I've actually come to love the tranquility and serenity of just focusing on writing book two. That said I am really excited for the Book of Prophecy being published, but must keep that excitement under control. I’ll probably update in another couple of months and things may be the same, or things may have moved forward. Either way I’m very content with the writing situation at the moment.

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