Sunday, 15 November 2015

Has It Really Been So Long...?

It has been a long time since I’ve written an update and for that I feel bad. However, I’ve been very tired and ill, so having to be very careful what I do, and well, such blog updates for this have been last on my list of things to do.

Yet, after a conversation with a friend last night, I thought perhaps I should at least give a brief update for the records.

My last post was back in July and about how I had got my book in Waterstones Gloucester. Here’s some things that have happened since.

-I tried to do a book signing in Gloucester Library, but after several emails, either they forgot or they didn’t think it was something they wanted to happen. It’s probably the first, and I should email them but I’ve got a lot on just now so it can wait.

-I was in Bristol for Bristol con (sci-fi fantasy convention) on the 26th of Sept and that was a fun day out with the publishers and authors. We had a stall in the dealers room and it was a lot of fun selling books and spending time with such nice people.

-I then started a new project to do with the Book of Prophecy and in time I’ll explain more about that.

-I also finished tidying up a few little things in the second book so that updated version is with the publishers to replace the one I gave them in March.

-I also went to Fantasy con in Nottingham it was from the 22nd of Oct until the 26th and that was incredible. I got to spend a lot of time with the authors from the publishers and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. They were all so lovely to me and have become dear friends.

-Another thing I’ve been working on is reviews for BoP and trying to hit twenty on amazon as that’s a good number to be able to use certain marketing promo sites. I’m at 18 reviews on the uk and 8 on the usa now so making good progress. A massive thank you to everyone who has helped with this!!!!!

I think that’s everything that needs to be posted just now. There is a lot of progress, but as always it is slow and steady.

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