Monday, 24 April 2017

Politics- My Thoughts and Feelings

Not related to my books, but something I wanted to put into the universe.


We live in a mostly physical reality, where such related things (wealth, physical strength etc) are prioritised and praised. However, there is clearly more to this life than just the physical. Yet, because it dominates our senses it is difficult to tune into the spiritual* and connected compassionate ideologies.

That said, it is clear that the physical and spiritual are linked i.e. it is difficult to focus on the spiritual and compassionate without our basic physical needs being met. Furthermore, physical emotions of happiness, joy and love are linked to the spiritual and very much the bridge between the two parts of what is actually a whole.

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The truth (I often avoid that word these days due to ambiguity but it is right to use it here) is that we in the west are often fortunate to have our basic needs met but are not content. We then get lost in ambitions of wanting more and more and prioritise gain for the self (I fall into this trap often). We lose sight of the spiritual and compassionate, and become selfish. We need to learn to be at peace with our circumstance- not easy in the slightest, but possible. We can still aim for achievements, but perhaps prioritise them better, or think about WHY we are trying to do something, and what happiness it actually gives us.

I rarely comment on politics because I very much have my own personal views and will vote how I see fit. I do not believe the continual arguments and debates that occur are very beneficial to my goals in life. I am an advocate of choice and have a huge respect for our freedoms to choose- it is very much the core of my own belief system. Often I sit back because I think, ‘who am I to try and influence anyone’s choice.’ Recently I have struggled to know the right thing to do on such subjects as governance and government. I don’t know whether to share my opinions or stay quiet. There is so much turmoil and upheaval and fear about the future that I finally feel I should at the least share some thoughts and feelings. I have always acted the best I can to mirror my beliefs, but often words have to be used as actions are often missed. This is why I have written this.

The definition of governance and government is very important when trying to explain my position on politics. My personal view is that you can measure good governance by how they/we prioritise the poor, weak, innocent, and ill. Your definition may vary, but what goal is more important than the happiness and safety of an individual who is in need of help? As a country we have lost sight of what is important. The leniency towards crimes that take away choice, such as abuse, theft, rape and murder is shocking and breaks my heart each day. Obviously rehabilitation and second chances are important, but never at the cost of the victim. Those in power and who govern have forgotten this.

It is also clear from cut backs to health, and especially mental health and addiction that those in power are not for the people. They do not care for people. Thousands have died from neglect, and many have committed suicide because they have been lost hope- I was nearly one of those people. It took years to finally be taken seriously and get the help I needed.

I don’t know how to actively change such things, but I know it starts with me and how I live my life. It continues with me speaking up and having courage not to be indifferent- the whole evil wins when good people do nothing quote. When I vote I will do so with all the above things as my motivations. I ask humbly and with tears in my eyes that you perhaps decide to do the same.


You may think what I have said is idealistic and na├»ve but it’s because of that thought pattern that such things don’t come about. If we have hope, if we do believe, if we focus on those who truly have our best intentions at heart, then a happy, healthy, loving society can be achieved in time. It starts with us and what choices we make. If we already are trying our hardest to bring about happiness and love then don’t give up. Keep fighting for this in any little way you can until your last breath. Look out for those who need to be loved. Prioritise the spiritual and compassionate over the physical. But most importantly learn to love yourself and who you are. If you do this you will be happier and able to love others even more.

*My own personal understanding- serenity of the soul, calm consciousness, at peace with ones place in the universe and love for all humanity.

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