Sunday, 16 July 2017

Unseen Potential

Unseen Potential

Often creative projects like stories, music, art etc spend a lot time as potential energy. It begins as an internal idea and ends in the external world with form of some type. The start and end are usually obvious- I have an idea for a story, and I want it to be a book to share with the world. However, sometimes we don’t see the potential of our work. This has happened to me.

Writing has been my main creative focus, but over the years I have also enjoyed drawing and doing what I call my doodles. They have improved with practice, but to me they were for fun and simply another creative outlet. In the last year or two people have complemented them and suggested it would be fun to colour them in.

This has been suggested again by a number of close friends. This has helped me see there is a lot of potential for fun in my drawings, especially when adult colouring books are so popular right now. I spoke to my publisher, Kristell-Ink, and they have agreed to publish a colouring book. This was decided a month or so ago. Since then I have been working hard to tidy up all my drawings so the quality is as good as it can be. All the pieces are done and I’m looking forward to sharing this creative project with everyone.

Other Projects
The Book of Prophecy is getting some awesome art added and will be re-released over the coming month or two.

The sequel, The Heart of Nature, hasn’t moved forward yet, but I’m content waiting.

Over the years I have had to take lots of rest time because of my health stuff. When doing this I listen to a lot of Dungeons and Dragons podcasts/games. I have finally decided to create my own campaign and this is based around a trilogy of books I will write, probably 10-20 years from now. This has already been a lot of fun. Creating the world and the detail needed has been a great learning curve and I can’t wait to see the potential of this story/adventure come together over the coming years.

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